Sunday, March 20, 2011

My motivation

I realize that I created this blog for the purpose of sharing Diabetes related events. I thought it would be therapeutic to simply pen my frustrations and to connect with other parents who could relate.

But lately my heart just isn't in it. I have very little to say. The Diabetes is not even a focus for us.

Yesterday I was asking Zac some questions about an upcoming Drama camp he will attend. He and his siblings will be participating in a local acting seminar every day this week and then present a drama on Friday night. Zac has been cast in a large role. He has paragraph long monologues though out the play.

As a homeschooler, we rarely have need to alert anyone of his Diabetes. I was contemplating if and how we should tell the director and also asking Zac his strategy for keeping track of his supplies. He became a little annoyed with me and commented that it is no bigger a deal than the co-op he attends every Wednesday.

I'll admit that his attitude stung a little. He could tell and immediately apologized.

But I realize that he is right. He is quite capable. He has done this many times. I guess I felt a sense of responsibility to be involved more.

So on to the thought that originally inspired this post.

I do care that Zac has proper Diabetic care. But I am truly motivated, highly inspired by the idea of instilling character into my children. It takes precedence over all. I don't really care about grades. I care that they love learning and show integrity in how they complete assignments. I could care less if they are popular. I DO care that they treat others with kindness and show courage in defending the oppressed.

This past year, Zac became the "oldest" in our household, as his brother ( and best friend) left for college. Wow. He has stepped it up. He is amazing. He cleans the house, works hard at school and takes care of his little sister with a love I have never seen.

Parenting can be such LONG, tedious work. Some days I wonder if it is worth all the sacrifice. But, of is!

I have to ask much time am I devoting to building their character above ALL else? And when I am discouraged because my two year old is testing the boundaries in public and otherwise exhausting me, I look at my older children. It IS making a difference.

Press on.

"o Lord Almighty, blessed is the man who trusts in You."
psalm 84: 12


  1. I think "D" life just kind of works into the groove of life. Sometimes, with these younger makes us stop once in awhile to care for it...but it does become a constant slight nag usually on the periphery of all that goes on in our home and in our daily lives. For me...blogging has been a therapy of sorts. I have felt so comforted and supported by the DOC. It is also a place where I can "DUMP" so that "D" doesn't affect my sense of well being day-in and out.

    Zac sounds like he is doing a fantastic job in so many arenas of his life. Keep up the good work! Your beautiful daughter will be there in good time due to your parental diligence.

  2. Character is number one. It always should be. It's too bad when people don't realize that grades come second, in that regard.

  3. This post is a breath of fresh air to me. Honestly. I completely agree that character is so important. I always want to make sure that my childen treat people with kindness and respect.

    I'm so glad to hear that Zac is feeling confident in taking care of his diabetes. I'm sure it's hard to give up some control as they grow up and mature.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. I think the fact that he has such a good perspective and handle on his D is a testament to how your family has approached it. Good job!