Monday, April 4, 2011

Choose Love

So we are officially on vacation. Ahhhh....the sunshine, the great food and great conversation with family: What could be better?

So far the trip has been pretty uneventful, Diabetes-wise. I was pretty nervous because the day before we left, I got really, REALLY sick. Fever, chills, stomach cramps and miserableness. I must admit that whenever we travel, I get a bit nervous. Diabetes makes it so much more complicated. You can get relaxed and BAM! All of a sudden you have some sort of problem.

But this trip has been good so far.

Shortly, after we arrived, I had a conversation with my 19 year old niece. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma at age 15 and suffered through a six month regimen of surgery, chemo and radiation treatments. She told me that she has been forever changed by the experience. She seems to be working through a lot of her feelings about her experience, still.

I tried to relate to her with Zac's diabetes, but could tell that she does not consider it to be comparable. I think I possibly insulted her by not seeming compassionate enough, even though I tried.

It just reminded me that there are so many different perspectives in this world. One thing I have always felt a little frustrated about was that if a child has cancer, people really feel compassionate. But diabetes really does not get the same level of compassion.

But rather than feeling frustrated about our conversation, I just wanted to show her that I care. Life is just too short. I am finished with seeking understanding from others.

I am choosing to seek TO UNDERSTAND instead.

Maybe it is being in my 40's. Maybe. I don't know. I am just done with judging and anger and frustration.

I am going to make a decision to put others first, even when they don't give me the understanding and acceptance or reaction I desire.

The end.


  1. I guess thats why I sought out the diabetes community in the first place. Everyones struggles are just that, THEIR struggles. Like comparing apples and oranges. But other D-mums/moms, they GET it :)

  2. Yep...what you too. Well written Shannon AND enjoy vacation!